As Jesus gave himself first to God, then to us to redeem a fallen world, we give ourselves to God, each other, and our world to partner with Him in making all things new. This leads us to embrace these core values: Worship, Shared Life, and Mission. Other values flow from and clarify these core values, including:

  • This is His story. We enjoy our best life for His glory when we find ourselves in Him, as part of His story.

  • Love does. God’s love acted on our behalf, so our love for another/others must act on their behalf.

  • We disciple each other to live loved by God and love another/others as He loves us.

  • Shared Life is messy because people are messy. Life doesn’t fit into neat packages. We count on the unexpected, value people over structures, and stay flexible.

  • Our mission shapes our method. We hold forms and structures lightly to stay missionally nimble.
  • We love our neighbors near and far. Those within our normal sphere of influence and those outside our normal sphere of influence but still within our reach.

  • Doing what only God can get the credit for leads to the most thrilling, God-honoring life. So we pray, listen, walk in His power, and take creative risks to live as Kingdom people in our world.

  • We hope in Jesus, not our performance. We don’t expect each other to be perfect. We help one another up when we fall and press forward together in Him.

  • We do this together. Life in Christ is personal but never private. We grow in Christ and fulfill His mission by equipping and encouraging each other to use our gifts to this end.

  • We live under the light of God’s Word. The Bible is the supreme and final authority that informs, guides, and shapes all we are and do as His people.