The City Church vision is to live loved by God, together in community, on mission with Jesus for our city.
Three active, core values guide us in fulfilling this vision:

Our Worship

We respond to all God is with all we are, together as His people.

Go Deep With Some

We cultivate relationships to grow up in Christ together.

Invest as One

We pool our resources to build God’s Kingdom together. 

While anyone is welcome to attend City Church and actively engage in our community, Partners are the core of the Church, since we identify with, affirm, and own the City Church vision and our place in it. After attending the Partnership class to learn about the City Church vision, beliefs, and values, Partners publicly declare their intention to worship with all, go deep with some, and invest as one as part of the City Church community. We take this step because we want to: 

  • Be known, cared for, and discipled, as we know, care for, and disciple others in this community 
  • Join with others in this community to advance God’s Kingdom in our city 
  • Influence the direction of this community through our input and actions

Identifying and acknowledging City Church Partners helps us:

  • Involve those who are devoted to City Church in key decisions and needs facing the Church 
  • Communicate regularly and efficiently with those at the heart of our community 
  • Coordinate and integrate our efforts to grow in Christ together and impact our world for Him 
  • Identify potential volunteers and leaders to serve in the Church The following explains more clearly what a City Church Partner is and does:
Worship With All
  • Makes Sunday worship a priority 
  • Makes Daily worship a priority by spending time in God’s Word and prayer and seeking to walk in surrendered obedience to Him
Go Deep With Some
  • Participates actively in a Gathering 
  • Engages in discipleship as appropriate 
  • Protects our unity by refusing to gossip, reconciling broken relationships, and involving others
Invest as One
  • Supports City Church financially through regular, prayerful giving 
  • Serves on a serve team 
  • Pursues relationships with neighbors to point them to Jesus
How do I become a City Church Partner?
  1. Complete the City Church Partnership class 
  2. Join a Gathering 
  3. Actively engage in worshiping with all, going deep with some, and investing as one as outlined above 
  4. Publicly acknowledge partnership with City Church together with others at a worship service
  • To sign up for our next Partnership class or learn more about becoming a City Church Partner, email Laura.