August 16, 2014

Churches in Boise – City Church

“I just don’t feel connected there.” With so many churches in Boise, it’s discouraging how many times I hear this kind of thing from people looking for genuine, life-blending community in a Boise Church. This is why I am excited about what’s happening at City Church Boise, one of a handful of churches in Boise that seem to be cracking through the veneer to help people engage with one another at a deeper level, and actually begin doing life together. City Church does this in two primary ways: Interest Groups and Gatherings.

Interest Groups provide a context through which meaningful relationships grow, as people blend the rhythms of their life together. Put differently, Interest Groups help us get to know and enjoy one another by doing things we like together. Regardless of an Interest Group’s topic or activity, its purpose is to connect people into deeper community. Interest Group Leaders are intentional about creating this atmosphere. In many ways, Interest Groups are the flowerbed out of which meaningful and deepening relationships grow. Here are examples of past or present Interest Groups at City Church. To contact the leader of a particular group, or for more information about Interest Groups in general, click the Interest Groups tab on our site.

City Mom’s – Mom’s meet with their kids for play dates on Wednesday mornings at various locations, and enjoy a Saturday morning Bible study in a home.

Pub Night – Cheers! We enjoy good beer and great conversation. We meet at various pubs in the city and have a blast doing it. Join us bi-weekly on Thursdays, 7:00 PM.

City Garden – Join us as we get to know each other and grow tasty vegetables in our community garden to enjoy and share with others. We meet on Saturdays during the Spring and Summer.

Refugees of Boise – We love refugees living in Boise through BBQ’s, care packages, clothes drops, etc. We have a blast building relationships with and serving these beautiful people.

Men’s Basketball – Are you an early morning baller? We meet Friday mornings to play hard and get to know each other. Game on!

Hiking with Hannah – We do monthly, easy-medium hikes, and a backpacking trip in July. Most hikes are in the Boise foothills so you can invite friends and come with minimal planning. Everyone welcome. 

Margarita Night  It’s ladies’ night out! Meet new friends and enjoy a refreshing beverage. All ladies welcome.

Party Time – We are college students and young adults on a mission to have a blast together. We meet weekly at different times and places, depending on the event.

Book Club – Join us as we read good books and enjoy great conversation. All are welcome, even if you haven’t read the book. We meet the 2nd Thursday evening of the month at a downtown coffee shop.

Twilight Golf – Looking for a chance to play a little non-competitive golf with friends? We play every other Wendsday night at Warm Springs Golf Course.

Creatives – We love to create. If you are 13 years or older, no matter your skill level, we’d love for you to create with us every other Thursday night. Bring materials you have. We have some communal supplies.

Interest Groups in the making include a Shooting group, an outdoor adventures group, and a fantasy football group.

Gatherings help us deepen our relationships with God and one another as we blend our lives together. In Gatherings, we meet regularly to eat together, discuss and apply sermons or specific portions of God’s Word, share our stories, and pray for each other and our city. Gatherings meet for several months. At the end of this time, a group might choose to stay together, multiply into new gatherings, combine with other gatherings, disband, start a rock band, or whatever. Gatherings are at the heart of the City Church vision to live loved by God, together in community, on mission with Jesus in our city. If you want to go deeper with God and others through a Gathering, click the Gatherings tab on our site.

We don’t claim to have a corner on the community-building market, or that we do it perfectly. And there will always be those at City Church who don’t yet feel as connected as they’d like. But it feels good to be making progress in this crucial area, and to have tested systems in place to help people get genuinely connected if they want to be. If you’d like to walk this journey with us, we’d love to get to know you. If you don’t get connected with us, I pray you land in one of the other churches in Boise committed to cultivating genuine community.

August 16, 2014 Blog

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