August 23, 2014

Churches in Boise – City Church Boise

Churches in Boise are talking about it. Everybody wants it. Few seem to find it. It’s called “community,” a word that means different things to different people, but always includes experiencing life together. In the original language of the New Testament, the word, “community,” comes from the root word for “common,” affirming that Christian community boils down to sharing our common life and mission in Christ, as those who have been united to Him and one another through faith (Acts 2:42-47; Ephesians 4:11-16).

At City Church Boise, we take this seriously, and believe every person in the community brings something crucial to the community and its mission. We also believe one of the best ways to experience community is to stand together and serve alongside one another, as we live on mission with Him. City Church Boise does this, in part, through serve teams, which include our:

Prayer Team – We want to do what only God can get the credit for, so we pray. If you’d like to join us in praying for special needs and our ongoing mission to our city, join the prayer team.

Set Up Team – We gather before the service to set up for worship. After the service, we pack up our gear. When we all pitch in, the work goes quickly and we enjoy each other along the way.

Connect Team We welcome people into our “living room” on Sunday mornings. Do you enjoy meeting new people and and helping them feel loved, accepted, and connected? Join the Connect team.

City Kids Team – Love kids? Enjoy helping them know and grow in Jesus? We are building the next generation for Him. Is this your heart? Join the City Kids Team. (Background check required)

Refreshments Team  We help set the mood on Sunday mornings by setting out treats to eat and drink. Sound like something you would enjoy doing? Join the refreshments team.

Music Team – We’re a community of musicians and singers who love helping people encounter God through music on Sunday mornings. Do you sing or play an instrument? Audition for the music team.

Tech Team – Love electronics and A/V/L systems? We work behind the scenes to help make the worship service an engaging experience for everyone. Is this your heart? Join the tech team.

Refugees of Boise Team  We love refugees in Boise through BBQ’s, care packages, meeting new arrivals, helping them settle in, etc. We have a blast getting to know these beautiful people. Join us.

Discipleship Team  Enjoy helping others grow in Christ? Whether you prefer small groups or 1 on 1 relationships, we’ll provide the training and opportunities for you to pour Jesus into others.

Finance Team – Are you into accounting, budgets, or financial policies and procedures? If you’d like to help us honor God through the finances He entrusts to us, join the Finance Team.

Missions and Mercy Team – Do you enjoy serving and reaching out to those in need of the tangible Gospel, locally, nationally, and internationally? Join the Missions and Mercy Team.

Interest Group Leader – Enjoy connecting with others around a common hobby or interest? Have a passion you’d like to enjoy with others? We’d love to help you get connected and help others connect.

Gathering Leader – Do you have a shepherd’s heart? The ability to teach, organize, or show hospitality? If this fits your gifts and calling, we’ll provide training and opportunities for you to help lead a gathering.

It you’re already part of the City Church Boise community, we hope you’re enjoying Christ-centered community through a serve team. If not, jump in! If you’re connected with one of the other churches in Boise, or a church in another city, we hope you begin or continue living out your common life in Christ with others, by serving alongside others who share that life with you.

August 23, 2014 Blog

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