October 28, 2014

Living a Love Story

Churches in Boise come in many shapes and sizes, and have various structures, values, and perspectives. City Church Boise celebrates every Church that invites people into the cosmic love story that is the Gospel. We want everything we do to engage people with this story.


For example, our current Sunday morning series is entitled: Love Story: The Gospel According to the Ten Commandments, because the Ten Commandments represent a key chapter in the unfolding story of God’s love for His people. Specifically, in these commands, the God who loves us shows us how to love Him return, love our neighbors as ourselves, and enjoy the life He created us to experience in Him. God knew we could not and would not obey these commands perfectly. But He gave them to us anyway, to point us to Jesus – the center of His love story; the One who would, and now has, fulfilled God’s perfect standard, by perfectly obeying and embodying the Ten Commandments and all they represent.


The good news of the Gospel is, when God unites us to Christ, by grace through faith, He declares us law-fulfillers with Christ, so we can enter and enjoy a right relationship with the righteous God. As we abide in Christ, He lovingly transforms us, as He calls us into His life – a holiness and depth of life that surpasses the Ten Commandments, which, it turns out, were only a shadow of the life the God who loves us invites us to experience with Him.   If this story resonates with you, and you’re not already engaged in one of the Churches in Boise that’s living this story, we invite you to experience City Church Boise, as we seek to enter and live out this love story together.

October 28, 2014 Blog

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