Foster Care Support Team

At City Church Boise we seek to live loved by God and love others as He first loved us. One of the practical ways we do this is through our foster care serve team. There is a huge need for followers of Christ to come alongside these kids and their foster families. City Church’s foster care serve team comes alongside the foster care community in the following ways: Partnering with Boise Angels to care for foster families by bringing monthly Love Boxes and consistently praying for, showing up, and developing relationships with foster kids and their foster families; Partnering with […]

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City Teens

By Melissa Mitchell, Youth Intern with City Church Boise Being a teenager today is not easy. With cultural influences and social media, teens are filled with anxiety and bombarded with unrealistic self-image goals. We want to point them to Christ and teach them how to walk through life’s struggles by abiding in His grace. We seek to help our teens find their identity and life in Christ, even as we model what it looks like to rely on Him in all we do. City Teens, the City Church Boise youth group, isn’t like most youth groups I experienced growing up. […]

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An Abiding Resolution

‘Tis the season for resolution guilt – and it comes from all sides.   The “success” cult insists you make passionate, impressive, status-quo busting declarations about how you’re gonna make your mark this year.   Those who seem (or at least claim) to have it altogether will gladly invite you to write your name atop their checklist of disciplines and to-do’s that will make you more like them this year.   Of course you already know you need to eat better, worry less, be more patient, play more, read more, save more, care more, serve more, live more, and work out more this year. All good things — worth pursuing.   But […]

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Shot to the Heart: Jesus, Guns, and the Kingdom of God

The blogosphere is abuzz with Christians defending or rejecting their right and/or responsibility to bear arms against their enemies. This is an important discussion that leads to the deeper question of whether a Jesus-follower should ever engage in violence.   The emotionally charged rhetoric on both sides betrays the profound implications of where one lands on this issue.   I believe it reveals something else.   Could it be, while carving out our stances on pacifism, self-defense, and war, we are obfuscating what matters most by framing the debate in a way that misses the heart of Jesus altogether? Could it be our […]

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An Old New Way to Follow Jesus – Gay Marriage and the Gospel

The SCOTUS ruling on gay marriage has given the American Church a gift: a chance to follow Jesus in an old new way.   God has graciously challenged our addiction to making people “moral like us,” along with our love affair with the state to make this happen. He has removed these opiates that have lulled us to sleep, awakening us now, not to a brave new moralism, but to a renewed dependence on Him and the power of the Gospel to bring human flourishing to the earth only He can get the credit for.   This has been, and I pray […]

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The New Testament and Gay Sex

Hi everyone: I encourage you to follow this series Preston Sprinkle is hosting on his blog. Preston is one of the clearest and most relevant voices on this topic and I am interacting with him and Jeff Cook in this series. Jeff is a very bright and articulate thinker who comes from a different perspective, but I appreciate his heart and approach. We cannot run from this question or pretend we have thought it through when we have not. We have a responsibility to think Biblically and compassionately about this together. I encourage you to engage, ask questions, and participate […]

April 14, 2015 Blog

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Living The Christian Life Authentically

I don’t want to reach the world for Jesus.   It’s not that I don’t love Jesus because I do, deeply.   And it’s not that I don’t believe in the Bible, because I do.   It’s that I think something happens in the span of time between our first moments of passionate, wholehearted conversion to Christ and the moment when we decide that Jesus needs us. If we aren’t careful, we start to think we have a corner on what Jesus thinks about every little thing in life.   It doesn’t start out like this!   At first, we come […]

November 26, 2014 Blog

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Living a Love Story

Churches in Boise come in many shapes and sizes, and have various structures, values, and perspectives. City Church Boise celebrates every Church that invites people into the cosmic love story that is the Gospel. We want everything we do to engage people with this story.   For example, our current Sunday morning series is entitled: Love Story: The Gospel According to the Ten Commandments, because the Ten Commandments represent a key chapter in the unfolding story of God’s love for His people. Specifically, in these commands, the God who loves us shows us how to love Him return, love our […]

October 28, 2014 Blog

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Churches in Boise – City Church Boise

Churches in Boise are talking about it. Everybody wants it. Few seem to find it. It’s called “community,” a word that means different things to different people, but always includes experiencing life together. In the original language of the New Testament, the word, “community,” comes from the root word for “common,” affirming that Christian community boils down to sharing our common life and mission in Christ, as those who have been united to Him and one another through faith (Acts 2:42-47; Ephesians 4:11-16). At City Church Boise, we take this seriously, and believe every person in the community brings something crucial […]

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Churches in Boise – City Church

“I just don’t feel connected there.” With so many churches in Boise, it’s discouraging how many times I hear this kind of thing from people looking for genuine, life-blending community in a Boise Church. This is why I am excited about what’s happening at City Church Boise, one of a handful of churches in Boise that seem to be cracking through the veneer to help people engage with one another at a deeper level, and actually begin doing life together. City Church does this in two primary ways: Interest Groups and Gatherings. Interest Groups provide a context through which meaningful relationships grow, as people blend […]

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