Erasing The Lines

“Secular” and “Spiritual” These aren’t lines that God draws, but we often do. What if we learned to live life without lines? During our gathering last week we discussed t…
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Raise the roof!

“Is this the place where we stand up and cheer?!” Cindy Jacobs said this last night during our Gospel Life 2 class, as we celebrated the Gospel and God’s grace toward us in Christ. I…
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Reaching Out to the Refugees of Boise

Pastor John keeps reminding us of the importance of community, of having fellowship with one another, of weaving our lives with others. He’s mentioned how this delights God. I do believe that we ple…
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Nothing But The Blood

What comes to mind when you think about the blood of Jesus? Last week I took my family on a mini-vacation to Seattle to get away and relax. We were able to attend a church that I had been interested i…
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How to be a true rebel

This post is really in response to the sermon my dad gave at church this morning. He taught on the wise man and the foolish man who both built a house…one on sand and one on solid ground…t…
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Live Loved

How much energy do you spend each day trying to prove to yourself or others you are valuable, acceptable and significant? How many of your reactions each day flow out of a defensive, insecure heart th…
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