October 23, 2013

A Community Garden

I was walking downtown yesterday, praying for our city. I asked God for a fresh vision of what it means for us (City Church) to live fully loved by by God, together in community, on mission with Jesus in our city. Minutes later, I passed the Boise High School Teaching Garden, thought of other community gardens, and began to realize – that’s it.

City Church is like a thriving community garden – an oasis in the heart of our city; open to all; grounded in the deep, fertile soil of the Gospel, in which we die and rise with Jesus to a brand new life. Thriving together under the sunlight of the Gardner’s love, we grow into the people He meant for us to be. Uniting us under His purpose to fill this city with His glory, the Gardener calls us into organic, life-giving relationships with one another, declaring,
[churchpack_superquote]”You are my garden, my glory, my invitation to this city. Love the people of this city as I have loved you. Reflect my glory to them. Remind them what it means to really live. Invite them to die, rise, and thrive in my garden with you.”[/churchpack_superquote]
No analogy is perfect, and God’s calling for us is too broad and beautiful for a single word-picture to sustain. But the garden simile speaks to my heart and gives me a fresh sense of what it means to be His people – in this city. There are many other ways the garden analogy can tell the story of the Church. What do you see in this image? What other images come to your mind when you consider our mission as His Church? What are other ways we can dream, clarify, celebrate, and enter His calling for us?

October 23, 2013 Blog

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